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About 40 years ago, Metakor started to create and manufacture decorative fittings for the European Furniture industry.
These fittings were mainly in 'Rustic' style and decorated Furniture in solid wood.
Thanks to these collections, the staff of Metakor acquired technological know-how which, today, still is the basis for all new developments.

Due to spectacular changes in the wood industry and under the influence of cultural, social and environmental developments, Furniture business evolved towards purer and straighter shapes.
Metakor  responded  by taking over the Spanish company Duhber, specialised
in 'Modern fittings'.
During the last fifteen years these contemporary handle collections were expanded in a spectacular way, to become Metakor’s major product range.

Simultaneously, market trends such as Country style and, more recently, Retro or Vintage conquered their place in Furniture styling. The long lasting technical experience made it easy for Metakor to respond to these by developing collections as ‘Traditional’ and 'Authentic'.